What is ELEDES?

    ELEDES is a software program which simulates data based on research designs, averages and standard deviations that can be entered by the user.

    A scientific article doesn't provide us with raw data. It does however mostly give us some parameters such as the average of a condition or the standard deviation. ELEDES uses this to simulate the data that could have been leading to these parameters and thus providing us with possible raw data for this experiment. ELEDES tries in no way to simulate the experiment, it just provides us with data that can be used in an educational setting.

    The parameters entered in ELEDES are treated as population parameters. The data provided in the output could be seen as a sample of the general population. Considering this, there will be a difference between the parameters entered in ELEDES and the parameters you would calculate yourself based on the output. In this way every simulation will provide different data but it will always approximate the entered parameters.

    ELEDES is still under construction. Suggestions or errors can be sent to glimo@vub.ac.be.