Extra functions

        Default menu

    When clicking the ELEDES default menu you can choose some predefined designs. You can choose between 4 experimental and 3 quasi-experimental designs. Overview of the designs:

    -Pretest-posttest control group design
    -Posttest control group design
    -Solomon four group design
    -Factorial design (combinations with a maximum of 4 factors are possible)

-Interrupted time series design
    -One group pretest and posttest
    -Posttest only

The parameters for the variables were chosen on an arbitrary basis: 25 cases per condition (row), an average of 10 and a standard deviation of 2 without any correlation. The independent variables are entered in a logical manner. You can change the parameters by clicking the variables.

        Tips & Tricks

-Copying: When you have entered a number of variables in one row, you can copy that row by dragging the line number to the next line. A green arrow will appear when you grab the line number (note: the line number is the number inside the grey area). The corresponding values are also copied to the next line. You can change them by clicking the variables.